C#.NET Code Snippets

What is Inheritance in C#
Creating a new class from existing class is called as inheritance. The following program shows example for c#.net inheritance..
Different Types of Inheritance
There are 5 different types of inheritance. Single Inheritance, Multilevel inheritance , Hybrid Inheritance, Hierarchical Inheritance, Multiple inheritance.
Constructor and Destructor invoking sequence with inheritance
During inheritance, base class may also contain constructor and destructor. In this case if you create an instance for the derived class then base class constructor will also be invoked and....
Sealed classes and Sealed methods in C#.NET
When you want to restrict your classes from being inherited by others you can create the class as sealed class.
Polymorphism in C#.NET
Polymorphism means having more than one form. Overloading and overriding are used to implement polymorphism.
Method Overloading in C#.NET
The process of creating more than one method in a class with same name or creating a method in derived class with same name as a method in base class is called as method overloading.
Method Overriding in C#.NET
Creating a method in derived class with same signature as a method in base class is called as method overriding.
Virtual Methods in C#.NET with example
It is optional to override virtual method in derived class.
Abstract Classes and Abstract Methods in C#.NET
If a class contains atleast one abstract method, it should be declared as abstract class. It is mandatory to override abstract class in derived class.
Multiple Inheritance Example c#
The following example program in c# implements multiple inheritance in .net with interfaces. Multiple inheritance in .NET framework....