C#.NET Code Snippets

.NET Programming - C# DataTypes
For Programming using C# the following datatypes are used. All the data types in .net framework are available within the namespace System.
What is Console Application
What is Console Application.A console application is an application that runs in a console window same as a C and C++ program.
C# program to reverse as string using for loop
The below program reverses a string using c# for loop and prints the output to Console window. c# string reverse.
Do While in C#
The do while loop is similar to the while loop in that the loop continues as long as the specified loop condition remains true . C# Do While Example.
foreach in c#
The c# foreach loop is used with arrays and collections. foreach in c#, for each in c#.net foreach in c# Examples
Break in C#
Break will exit from the loop without waiting until given condition for the loop is false.
Goto satement in C# is called as jumping statement and is used to jump from one location to another within the program.
Switch in C#
The switch statement enables you to select from multiple choices based on a set of fi xed values for a given expression. C#.NET Switch Example.
What is Return Type
Return Type of function specifies the output type of a function. return types function return type
Continue in C#
continue will skip execution of statements in the loop for once and continue the loop
.NET C# Arrays
An array is a variable that can store more than one value of same data type.
C# Extension Methods
Extension methods enables you to add methods to existing type , without event creating the derived type or modifying the existing type.