ASP.NET Code Snippets

ASP.NET Validation Controls
Presently, six validation controls are available in ASP.NET 3.5.
Populate Dropdownlist from Database - ASP.NET
Dropdownlist in ASP.NET can be binded with values from database table. The below example C# code snippet shows how to populate drop down list values from database.
Bind a Dropdownlist in ASP.NET
Items to the dropdownlist can be added programmatically using ListItem class. The below example shows adding of values to dropdownlist in the program.
RadioButton Control in Asp.Net
The Example explains using radiobutton control in
Using Button Command event in ASP.NET
Two major events of button server control are OnClick and OnCommand events
AutoPostback in ASP.NET
Autopostback is nothing but submitting page to server
Example for implementing Autocomplete in ASP.NET Textbox
Autocomplete property of textboxes makes webforms more userfriendly