ADO.NET Code Snippets

A quick look at Database Technologies provided by Mircosoft
To access data from database like SQL server and oracle, .net framework provides ADO.Net. when we look at database technologies provided by Microsoft, they are as follows.
Data providers in .net
Driver or provider is a software component, this acts like mediator between application and database.
Disconnected Architecture in ADO.NET
The architecture of in which data retrieved from database can be accessed even when connection to database was closed is called as disconnected architecture
Connected Architecture of ADO.NET
The architecture of, in which connection must be opened to access the data retrieved from database is called as connected architecture. Connected architecture was built on the classes connection, command, datareader and transaction.
Command Object in ADO.NET
Command is used to execute almost any SQL command from within the .net application.
ADO.NET Dataset vs DataReader
DataSet and DataReader are called fundamental objects of as they are used to store data and make it available for .net application and they have the following differences.