Zooming in Winforms Webbrowser Control in .NET
The zooming functionality in winforms webbrowser control in .net can be enabled by a simple registry change.
Filtering Datatable with Select Conditions and Sorting in C#.NET
We can filter data in Datatable using Datatable.Select method. The below example contains filtering datatable using AND , OR Conditions and sorting of filtered data.
Hiding a property from displaying in Datagridview in C#.NET
The below example demonstrates hiding a property of a class from displaying in Datagridview.
Logic to detect if Application is started from Citrix/Terminal Server/PC in C#
The below logic can be used to if application is started from Citrix, Terminal Server/Remote Desktop or normal Desktop.
Winforms Application.DoEvents Method
Processes all Windows messages currently in the message queue.Picture box not visible
Modify XML file with tagname in
modify xml file with tagname in .NET, c# program to modify xml file
Read Machine IP Address in C#
Reading/Fetching machine IPAddress in C# and .NET framework
Check if IIS is running using C#
Check if IIS is running using C#.NET and .NET framework.
Implementing IEnumerable in C#
IEnumerable is the base interface for all collections that can be enumerated.
Built in Delegates in .NET Framework
.NET framework provides several different delegates that provides flexible options, Built in Delegates in .NET Framework
Changing Winform webbrowser control IE version in C#.NET
Changing Winform webbrowser control IE version
Set the dropdown width of any combobox based on the data
Even if the data in the combo box is large, we don’t have to increase the width of the whole combo box to view the data.
Difference between Const and ReadOnly
const fields has to be initialized while declaration only, while readonly fields can be initialized at declaration or in the constructor.
Example for Property Change Notification in C#.NET
When a property is binded to UI element, and when the property value changes , if you want to reflect the changed value on UI element, you have make sure the property containing class should implement INotifyPropertyChanged inteface.
Example Program using Delegates and Events in C#
The following simple program implement delegates and events in C#.NET.
AutoComplete in .NET Winforms TextBox
AutoComplete in .NET Winforms TextBox
How to read data from XML String and insert in to table in SQL Server
In this Article, i will explain you , how to insert the below xml string into SQL Server Database table
WebBrowser.navigate Data Submission by Get or Post Methods
While browsing an url using WebBrowser control Navigate method of windows forms , you can submit the data either by GET or POST methods.
Datagridview Paging
Datagridview Paging
Copy Datagridview cell value using ContextMenu
The following article demonstrates copying of cell values inside a winforms Datagridview using a contextmenu.
Inserting data in Datatable in C#
The following code snippet shows how to add data to datatable manually
Cookie in .NET
The following .net code creates a cookie in user system which persists for 30 days
Using Control's Child Index and Dock property for achieving desired layout in a form.
In this article, i will teach you , how to use control's child index property while docking.
Accessing section group inside configuration of web.config
The below code shows how to access a section group inside configuration of web.config file in
Create File in .NET C#
The program explains creation of a file in C# program.
Change button shape in .net
.Net Framework contains System.Drawing.Drawing2D.GraphicsPath class, which can be used to change usual shape of controls.
Dispose vs Finalize in .net
Finalize and Dispose methods are used to destroy object.