Example for Windows Application

          The following example creates a C# windows Form application with three text boxes and two button controls. When user enters two numbers in to first two text boxes and clicks on first button then sum has to be calculated for those two numbers and display the result in third text box.

1. Create a windows application and design the form as follows.

Open Visual Studio ->File -> New Project ->Visual C#-> select Windows Forms Application

Give the name of the application and click on OK

A windows application sample

2. Set the following properties for the controls on the form.

TextBox1    Name    : TxtNum1
TextBox2    Name    : TxtNum2
TextBox3    Name    : TxtResult

Button1      Name    : BtnSum
                 Text      : Sum
Button2      Name    : BtnClose
                 Text      : Close

3. Double click on the sum button and write the following code in the click event of that button to calculate sum and display the result in result textbox

private void BtnSum_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            TxtResult.Text = (Convert.ToInt32(TxtNum1.Text) + Convert.ToInt32(TxtNum2.Text)).ToString();

4. Double click on close button and write the following code in the click event of that button to close the form.

private void BtnClose_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

5. Run the Application with shortcut F5.

6. in the above example if you want to calculate sum when user press enter key and close the form when user press escape key, set sum button as acceptbutton for the form and close button as cancelbutton for the form.

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