Changing Winform webbrowser control IE version in C#.NET

Webbrowser control internally uses internet explorer installed in user's machine for rendering the webpages, but by default it runs in IE7 compatibility mode, assuming user's machine has IE version >=7.


You can change the Winform Webbrowser control above behavior   by adding a key in registry. Make sure , you add the registry key , before Webbrowser control is loaded.

You don't need to add registry key every time you run the application. It is one time process.

If you add it once , it remains forever, and when ever your application has started, it reads the registry value and accordingly the webbrowser control renders.

Please find the below code snippet to add/check for your application registry key

         private  static  void  SetIE8KeyforWebBrowserControl()
             RegistryKey  Regkey = null ;
                 //For 64 bit Machine 
                 if  (Environment .Is64BitOperatingSystem)
                     Regkey = Microsoft.Win32.Registry .LocalMachine.OpenSubKey(@"SOFTWARE\\
Wow6432Node\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\MAIN\\FeatureControl\\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION" , true );
                 else  //For 32 bit Machine 
                     Regkey = Microsoft.Win32.Registry .LocalMachine.OpenSubKey(@"SOFTWARE\\
Microsoft \\Internet Explorer\\Main\\FeatureControl\\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION" , true );
                 //If the path is not correct or 
                 //If user't have priviledges to access registry 
                 if  (Regkey == null )
                     Console .WriteLine("Application Settings Failed - Address Not found" );
                     return ;
                 string  FindAppkey = Convert .ToString(Regkey.GetValue("ApplicatonName.exe" ));
                 //Check if key is already present 
                 if  (FindAppkey == "8000" )
                     Console .WriteLine("Required Application Settings Present" );
                     return ;
                 //If key is not present add the key , Kev value 8000-Decimal 
                 if  (string .IsNullOrEmpty(FindAppkey))
                     Regkey.SetValue("ApplicatonName.exe" , unchecked ((int )0x1F40),
                         RegistryValueKind .DWord);
                 //check for the key after adding 
                 FindAppkey = Convert .ToString(Regkey.GetValue("ApplicaitonName" ));
                 if  (FindAppkey == "8000" )
                     Console .WriteLine("Application Settings Applied Successfully" );
                     Console .WriteLine("Application Settings Failed" );
             catch  (Exception  ex)
                 Console .WriteLine("Application Settings Failed" );
                 Console .WriteLine(ex.Message);
                 //Close the Registry 
                 if  (Regkey != null )

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Changing Winform webbrowser control IE version in C#